Conversion Garden is the consulting brand for Xavier Colomés.

Who is Xavier Colomés?

I am a talented, passionated and skilled Digital Marketing professional with a large experience in building and optimizing websites. I'm also a lecturer in the best Web Analytics programs, frequent speaker in Digital Analytics and CRO events, writer and guest blogger.

Born in the sunny Barcelona, I grew up in Madrid where I got my degree in Political Science (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and my first job in the Internet Industry in the year 2000, while the dotcom bubble, but I had began building websites by my own years ago, in 1997, using Dreamweaver, Fireworks and plain HTML.

Those were exciting times, where a “webmaster” had the unique power of creating content in the internet. The coming of AJAX and UGC changed that making anyone able to create content and contribute to the growth of the Internet.

My first job there was as developer in eNetfinger "The internet factory", building websites with HTML, CSS, PHP and fighting the crossbrowser issues with Javascript. After the bubble bursted and before the internet as we know it today, I used the time to finish my Degree and write some books for Anaya Multimedia:

libro xavi 3.jpg

After moving back to Barcelona in 2006 I joined Bayer AG as Web Consultant, helping the Bayer brands to build their websites, and managing the relationships with the internal clients. It was there when I started doing Analytics with Webtrends and discovered the marketing side of Internet.

In 2009 I couldn't find a dedicated Analytics training in Spain so I joined the first edition of the "Brand Community Manager" at La Salle Business School, where I had my first Digital Marketing training. After a period of 18 months combining my work in Bayer and some personal projects on Social Media and Web Analytics I decided to leave Bayer after a 4 years and a safe future in a huge company to pursue my dream to become a Web Analyst and Digital Marketer. The first step of that dream was: El Mundo deportivo.

In Mundo Deportivo I was SEO and Web Analytics manager, using Sitecatalyst, Google Analytics, Comscore and Nielsen to increase traffic the millions of visits we had per week. A major project there was the migration of the domain and the website platform, without affecting the rankings.

After Mundo Deportivo I joined where I started as Web Analytics manager but after 6 months, once the Analytics strategy was stablished and automated, I took my first role as Conversion Rate Optimization manager, leading a team of 2 and focused on succesfuly increasing the sales in the different Atrapalo verticals.

During my time in Atrapalo to improve my CRO skills I joined the CRO Masters Market Motive training, led by Bryan Eisenberg, and got my Market Motive certification in December 2012.

On the pursuit of new challenges I moved to London and in January 2013 I joined Intuit UK leading Analytics there and delivering amazing results both in Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization, helping the business to grow 2x the customer base during 18 months.

After a 15 months contract as Conversion Specialist at Google (Google for Work) I'm accepting new projects starting 2017.