It's like Web Analytics, but Actionable

Actionable means "say less, achieve more".

No matter how good an Analysis or Recommendation is. What matters is the result.

That's why in Conversion Garden we will only make actionable recommendations taking the most of your strengths as company and skipping the weaknesses. Nothing should slow down Optimisation.

I have been working as Web Analyst since 2009, developing most my career in the following fields:

  1. Google Analytics Premium and Universal Analytics
  2. Data extraction automation using GA API
  3. Insightful smart reporting
  4. Qualitative Analysis and VOC Analysis
  5. Complex Implementation and configuration 
  6. Google Tag Manager

After so many years of experience I've developed my own unique approach to Analytics, focusing on what makes data Actionable and coaching the team to embrace data driven decisions as a way to improve their performance.

Analytics is in the middle of everything and in Conversion Garden it's the starting point of our CRO Methodology. Don't expect "Expert opinions" or "Heuristic" analysis. Everything we decide to test is backed up with data.