CRO Day: Celebrate with Free Webinar from Natzir Turrado and Xavier Colomés 

This year we are honoured to be part of the celebrations of the first International CRO Day on April 9th. 

"User Identification and psychology
the new way to convert in 2015"



Personalisation. User Activation. Recommendation. Multi device tracking. What do they all have in common? Users need to Identify themselves. 

When our users register and login in our websites, we can increase conversions by using powerful techniques based on our users preference, experience or behaviour.

Converting anonymous sessions into registered users (user Registration & Login) has never been a priority of web teams. It's time to change this and increase conversions in a brand new way. The 2015 way.

In this talk Xavier and Natzir, two skilled and veteran CRO's, will discuss this topic and give you 3 tips on how to use Psychology to increase the registration and login rate in your website and allow you to increase your conversion rates personalising your user's experience.

Learn from two of the best 

Natzir Turrado: Director @ Funnel Punk

What he does: 
CRO Super Saiyan 

What floats his boat: 
Neuromarketing and brainy stuff


Xavier Colomes: Director @ Conversion Garden

What he does:
CRO and Web Analytics

What floats his boat:
VOC analysis and Personas