Conversion Garden is about increasing revenue for our clients, whether it's increasing the Conversion Rate of their websites or the average transaction value.

Increasing revenue is not easy. It takes a lot of skill and disciplines to get together in order to change behaviours, switching users from non buyers to buyer.

Selling to who already wants to buy is not CRO, that’s Usability. Conversion Rate Optimisation is about selling to who was not intending to.
— Xavier Colomés

After more than 100 tests in my years as Analyst and Conversion Rate Optimiser, I've developed my own CRO methodology based on the Scientific method. It combines Analytics, Psychology, Neuro-Marketing and UX to bring up the most effective testing ideas and develop a high impact testing roadmap for your team.

I'm Market Motive CRO certified and I'm Director of the CRO Ignite, the Elite CRO Training by KSchool.

To master Conversion Rate Optimisation is difficult, that's why there are so few of us. But I have the perfect mix of Experience, Training and Methodology that will make you succeed in this complex field.

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