What makes a memorable talk?

A memorable talk is revolutionary, in the way that challenges our mindset and after it, it makes us think in a new way.

Xavier has an unique style and obsession on the audience satisfaction, that makes him an amazing speaker being always top rated by the audience.

Xavier is a regular in Digital Marketing events and conferences in both sides of the stage.

Some events where Xavi has been speaker:

Digital Analytics Hub 2014 (Berlin, June 2-4 2014)

UX Spain (Granada, May 23-24 2014)

Congreso Web 2014 (Zaragoza, May 9-10 2014)

eMetrics London 2013 (London 2013)

Congreso Web 2013 (London 2013)

Practitioner Web Analytics (Barcelona 2012)

Conversion Thursday (Barcelona, Zaragoza, 2012 & 2011)

To teach is to learn twice over.
— Joseph Joubert

Xavier is a guest lecturer for Web Analytics in CRO in several Business Schools including Kschool and La Salle Business School.

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