It's time we talk about Strategy. Welcome Digital Generals

It's been a bug in my head for a long time: the lack of strategy in Digital marketing. We just get on with things and survive the day in a sea of fast-changing tactics, just to end up having the same page, the same campaigns, the same copys and the same SEO approach than our competitors.

Being Digital Marketing a discipline where technology enables us to endless possibilities I just find it frustrating that we don't exploit them and end up doing what others do.

The reason why this happens is well known and I've been saying it for years

We are great in Digital, but We suck at Marketing.
— Xavier Colomes, Congreso Web 2013

I've shared this controversial opinion in many forums, congresses and events, and most of my friends and colleagues know what I think about it. But still, nothing changes. So I decided to do something about it. And I did. I'm presenting you Digital Generals, a website for discussion on Digital and Marketing Strategy.


Why Digital Generals?

Generals are the ones who define the strategies that will accomplish their leaders goals. They use their expertise and knowledge to define the plans and lead the troops to victory. They transform complex goals in campaigns, and campaigns in engagements, and they creatively use their strengths to exploit their enemy weaknesses. Generals, when reviewing militar history, happen to be tremendous creative persons, who combine expertise, knowledge, experience and out of the box thinking to come up with amazing plans.

That's what we need in Digital Marketing. That's how I see myself: Using my expertise and experience to draw unique plans and be on the ground with the troops to iterate when necessary. I don't see myself applying something that I copied from someone else and that worked for me and 10.000 others. That's not Marketing, that's pure copycatting, and you should know by now that it doesn't work well.

Get Involved

If you also think that we need more Strategy in Digital Marketing please get involved: Post, share, comment and take part in the forums. 

It's our mission to bring Strategy to Digital Marketing