Conversion Garden: Year 1

Happy Birthday Conversion Garden!

One year ago Conversion Garden was stablished in the Companies House. 365 days later the business is thriving and all the goals for the first year have been accomplished.

I don't want to write a long cheesy post, so I'll just thank every single of my clients and partners: we made it this far thanks to them, trusting a new business with no consulting experience, but willing to deliver. 

So, what now?

This year 2 will bring some changes. More CRO work, bigger projects, maybe looking for some help... Finishing the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing will definitely help to approach more strategic projects. And I'm committed to blog much more.

But the essence will remain: Results driven consulting, positive thinking and a fun approach to what we do, working with awesome people who doesn't see problems, but solutions.

Thank you everyone who supported this company so far. The future is ours!

Looking for some help on CRO, Analytics or Digital Strategy? I'm here to help you grow.