Introducing Conversion Garden Ltd

It's been a while without blogging in Conversion Garden, but there's a reason. Conversion Garden is not a CRO blog anymore. Since last April, Conversion Garden is a Limited Company and my consulting firm.

It took me 5 months to announce it, but , hey! Starting a business keeps you busy! 

What does Conversion Garden LTD do?

Under the Conversion Garden label I provide consulting services in Digital Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimisation. So far I've been doing both for a number of clients. Some just need support on Analytics, others are in the mature stage of testing and demand everything related to CRO, from help to create a comprehensive testing plan to support developing testing roadmaps. 

There's also training and Strategy, anything that a client might need to get Digital right and increase conversion rates via data driven marketing.

5 Months in my best accomplishment is the satisfaction of my clients. This is priceless and that's the KPI that tells me I'm doing well. Among these happy clients you can find brands like Pizza Hut UK or Friendly Rentals and a number of agencies that use Conversion Garden to better serve their clients, using my expertise and knowledge on their benefit.

What's different with Conversion Garden?

There's a big difference when you compare my consulting to any other. I've never done it before, so I'm not biased by a way of consulting learnt in a firm or agency. After a 10+ years career in Client side, working for big companies (including 2 companies that are more than 100 years old, like Bayer AG and Mundo Deportivo) I treat my clients as I did with my employers. 

I envision the consultant to be as important as anyone in the team. This is why I don't over book my time, and I chose to work with so few clients at a time.

I rather have few happy clients with all my attention and commitment than having a large client list that I couldn’t manage.

To achieve this I made a decision to work only on a project basis (a project can be as little as 1 day of consulting to a full Optimisation Roadmap, depending of the needs of the client.).

I'm not taking fees, and I book my agenda based on days and half days. I believe that Consultants play a different role than agencies, and many times I find clients who what really need is an agency to do the work for them. As consultant my time is spent in helping companies getting to the next level by sharing my experience, learnings and my skills, and aligning them to the strategy.

Giving back

I'm applying to my company what I've learnt from the great places where I've been. In Intuit I learnt to give back, as a business, to society and that's why in Conversion Garden I dedicate part of my time to consulting Charities in Digital Marketing. I also apply special rates to Start Ups and entrepreneurs who need help with Analytics and CRO. If you are one, shot me an email and let's try to make it work.

Immediate future

The business plan for Conversion Garden is simple: Keep helping companies to grow in digital. No hiring, no agency services, no fees, no growing. The plan is to keep with a small portfolio of clients (2 or 3 at a time) and try to get new projects in and out. The 3 months contract is also considered, when the current client list allows it. 

Are you interested in having Conversion Garden's services in Digital Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimisation, drop me a line or give me a call at 07776 363 039