Stop. Then Start. Welcome to CRO.

CRO is different. We've been optimizing websites for years, but CRO is a new fresh approach to it. New tools, new ways, new skills, but the same customers.

So if you are determined to move yourself or your company forward and jump in to CRO, first you must Stop. And then start.




Stop thinking you need more traffic.

Start thinking why your conversions are so low. Learn how.

Stop thinking in visits.

Start thinking in visitors and customers. Learn how.

Stop trying to convert every visit in a sale.

Start understanding your customer's buying process.  Learn how.

Stop thinking you know what the problems are.

Start UX researching. Learn how.

Stop thinking what would you do.

Start using personas. Learn how.

Stop obsessing with having a beautiful design.

Start obsessing with having an outstanding UX. Learn how.

Stop analyzing averages.

Start segmenting. Learn how.

Stop yelling what you want from them.

Start thinking what they want from you. Learn how.

Stop thinking in quickwins.

Start thinking in long term wining strategies. Learn how.

Stop blaming competitors.

Start thinking why we should buy from you. Learn how.

Stop wondering why.

Start asking why. Learn how.


In short...

Stop whatever you've been doing that you know is not working.

Start something new with a new fresh approach. CRO is new times, and you'll need to change your mind.

Your customer already has.


PS: if you want to hire a new fresh minded CRO Expert with a deep Web Analytics background, this is your chance to hire me.