Conversion Optimization Certification: Go!


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Great news over here. Today is the day.

Today I'll be starting the Conversion Optimization Training in MarketMotive to learn form Bryan Eisenberg and a group of Ninjas (Including Avinash Himself) the secrets of Conversion Rate Optimization that their books didn't tell.


As they need no introduction, let me explain the reasons why I decided to join this course:

  • Learning. No matter the books and blogs I've read... You never get enough. This subject is so vast that you need to keep learning. The last months i collected a bunch of doubts and questions that now will be responded.
  • Have a Global vision of CRO. I'm kind of stuck at this point. Understanding CRO in a "whole" includes so many different areas that get's hard to prioritize and find what to start with. In short: How we put all the CRO stuff together in a timeline.
  • Time with Bryan: Well... this is something no other training can offer. Getting to ask 1 on 1 to one of the authors of "Call to Action" and "Always be testing" stands alone as UVP. Not to say that Eisenberg's Borthers approach to conversion is unique, and noone but them to teach it.
  • Need of certification. And not "any" certification, but MarketMotive's one. It means for me, learning from the best and having his guarantee seal. What a better way to improve your CV and prove your knowledge.
  • Good references. A colleague Analyst in Spain already completed this training and the references where excellent.

So, as a kid who is starting school, everything ready to start this new project. I'll keep you updated and as soon as i finish I'll share my thoughts about how this experience has been.