CRO is like SEO... at least in 5 things

bridge seo - CRO

SEO and CRO have not much to do one with each other. SEO is about Traffic acquisition and CRO is about Traffic conversion into buyers. But in some ways there are similar. If you are switching from SEO to CRO there are 5 things you won't need to learn.

Reason 1: It's about doing many changes

So true. Changing your Call To Action won't double your conversion rate just the same way changing a H1 won't make you rank the #1. It's not about doing 1 thing better than the others. In both disciplines it's about doing 100 things better than your competitors.

In SEO we have "Ranking factors" (headline, tittle, metas, anchor text, filenames, keywords, links, descriptions, rich snippets, etc...) like in conversion we have "Conversion factors" (UVP, scent, relevance, copywriting, call toy cation, hero shots, confidence, trust, fud's, social validation, etc..).

Reason 2: Competition is hard

Probably harder in SEO, as many companies are still hooked in the "get me traffic" stage. But CRO is going to get some serious too. Traffic acquisition will become more and more expensive and online marketers will make their bests to get maximum conversion rates. Don't relax! Keep learning. By the way... Want to subscribe to Conversion Garden so you won't miss a post? Takes 30 seconds.

Reason 3: It's about relevance
SEO is trying to appear relevant to the Search Engine, as relevance is the key to rank higher.  CRO is actually being relevant to the user and finding what drives our users to purchase. The ways for getting that relevance are totally different, one is Site centered and the orde User centered, but both seek to gain it.
Reason 4: White and Black Hats

Both disciplines have their good white hatted guys who do the great hard work, and whose results last, and guys who take the shortcuts.

In CRO black hat is considered lying, coning, building trust in false promises, using trust seals you don't own, stealing other's value propositions... and stuff like that.

I begin to see companies who say "we hate spam as much as you do" and after giving them the email i receive 2 mails in the next 2 days.

These attitudes will harm us all.

CRO uses persuasion based on trust, not to "catch the lead and run". Or at least this is how it should be. We ruined so many things in Online Marketing due to abusing, i hope we don't do the same with CRO.

If you want a lasting CRO strategy build on user satisfaction and you'll live years of joy (you know, flowers, loly pops and so on).

Reason 5: There are no magic wands

Just like SEO, CRO must be adressed seriously. Some SEO consultants will promise you rank first, and your site will disappear from Google after the first major algorithm change. Some CRO consultants may promise you to double conversions with techniques that can ruin your brand or website within weeks. Remember that once the trust is lost, nothing can bring it back.

In CRO are no tricks, cheats or hidden secrets. There are methodologies and hard work based on user experience and customer satisfaction.

So, these are 5 things that can make easier CRO for folks coming from SEO, but remember... CRO is totally different. In SEO you must seduce a machine called Google.CRO is about seducing customers, wich happens to be much more complex and requieres strong Marketing skills.