Conversion Garden: Year 1

Happy Birthday Conversion Garden!

One year ago Conversion Garden was stablished in the Companies House. 365 days later the business is thriving and all the goals for the first year have been accomplished.

I don't want to write a long cheesy post, so I'll just thank every single of my clients and partners: we made it this far thanks to them, trusting a new business with no consulting experience, but willing to deliver. 

So, what now?

This year 2 will bring some changes. More CRO work, bigger projects, maybe looking for some help... Finishing the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing will definitely help to approach more strategic projects. And I'm committed to blog much more.

But the essence will remain: Results driven consulting, positive thinking and a fun approach to what we do, working with awesome people who doesn't see problems, but solutions.

Thank you everyone who supported this company so far. The future is ours!

Looking for some help on CRO, Analytics or Digital Strategy? I'm here to help you grow.


Why context in Analytics is so important

I'm not fan of certain dashboards and some data visualisation techniques that focus in one metric (in principle there's nothing wrong in it) but fail to give the context data that allows to explain what it means.

Classic every day example is having a dashboard with Conversion Rate performance without showing context data that explains its behaviour, like traffic source or device consumption.

5+5 Tips to ROCK Onsite Surveys - #MeasureCampV

5+5 Tips to ROCK Onsite Surveys - #MeasureCampV

MeasureCamp V is over, but I must say It's been the best of the 3 I've been so far, mainly to the quality and quantity of new topics covered during this great "un-conference".

For these who don't know MeasureCamp it's an analytics event that happens twice a year with a very unique format: There are 8 rooms, 8 time slots and a board, and anyone can lead put a card on the board and lead a 20 minutes session.

On-Site Surveys Biases (and what to do about them)

Every time we suggest launching an "On-site Survey" we are backfired with concerns regarding accuracy, sampling, low response rates and lack of representativity. 

The answer to these concerns is simple: they are right. On-site surveys have low response rates, but that's not the worst (2% of 10,000 visits are lots of visits to analyse). The problem is that the sample used is biased due to a combination of Voluntary response Bias and the Non Response Bias, therefore, it will not be representative of our website traffic..

eMetrics London 2013: I'm Speaking

Yeah, I've been invited to speak to the eMetrics 2013 (23th and 24th of October) and I can't express how excited I am.

No need to say that the challenge is major due to the importance and quality of the conference (probably the best you can find in Digital Analytics nowadays) and also due to the fact that I'll be speaking for first time in English. Fun is guaranteed.